Don’t Stick to hta Applications

If you have the burden to work on hta applications you might get into conflict with incompatibilities. So am I. I wanted to migrate a hta application from 2012 with bootsrap 2 to bootstrap 3. Bootstrap 3 doesn’t support IE 7 any more and also the fix with Respond.js doesn’t work in local files. So what now? I found node… Read more →

Wörterbuch für Android

Wer in den Genuss einer gut funktionierenden Auto-Completion kommen möchte muss Android mit einem umfassenden Wörterbuch füttern. Das Standardwörterbuch Deutsch hat einige Schwachstellen: Es kennt nur allgemeine Wörter, keine Abwandlungen von ihnen und keine konjugierten Wortformen. Dies ist ziemlich nervig, wenn man bedenkt, dass wir das Jahr 2015 schreiben. Deshalb biete ich hier eine Wortliste mit ca. 10.000 Einträgen, die… Read more →

Study Helpers

If you are a student you might be interested in the following helpers that make your day easier. Time Google Calendar My fellow students an I use the google calendar to organize our modules. At the moment we do have all the same modules and so it is easy to organize us. We use a shared calendar:   Each student… Read more →

Revoke PGP key

Follow this tutorial if you want to revoke a pgp key. All you need for this is your private key and eventually the pass phrase to open it. At first you need to install pgp on your machine. I have installed GnuPG. Change to the install dir or add to PATH.

Next import your private key:

check if… Read more →

Find broken shortcodes

If you recently changed your theme and used shortcodes from it or disabled plugins you maybe want to find all leftovers of them because they are not translated any more. You will find things like [shortcode attribute=”bla”] all over website. Obviously you don’t want to review each post on your website to find them manually. So there comes a little… Read more →

sort functions – access class member

If you want to sort a class member with the functions uasort, uksort, usort (the u stands for user-defined comparison function) you have to take care of some things. bool uksort ( array &$array , callable $key_compare_func ) The function takes as first parameter the array you want to sort as reference. Thereby no copy is made to the function stack and any changes are directly made on… Read more →

WordPress change post_date for tests

If you want to create a post via the post factory in you tests you can do it like this:

Make sure to pass a date! Unix timestamps or other formats won’t work. This creates 2 posts with different dates. You can test the function getPostsInYear(2014) as follows:

Post1 should not be returned by getPostsInYear( 2014 ) because… Read more →

Private Communication

Letters sealed with sealing wax are rare today – the keynote is quite good though. But also the ordinary letter has, since the rise of the Internet, lost its predominance for written communication. What we use today are mails, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook.. And the vast amount of them are sending without “envelope” never mind seals. Like a modern form of… Read more →