X-Ring missing documentation

I recently bought a X-Ring WS2812B RGB on alexpress. There is no information about the wiring or the bus how the X-Ring is controlled. So I did a little reverse engineering and want to share the information:
At first: the X-Ring is driven by a One-Wire connection.
There is a switch on the top:

The wiring is the following:

When I ordered they had “ESP8266, Wemos d1 mini” in the title. The board also has a Wemos-Logo on it. But it is not compatible to Wemos D1 mini. The widths do not match!

But you can easily mount an Wemos D1 mini to the board. I decided to connect the wemos to the bottom left side because then you can connect the Wemos D1 mini easily with wires to the board (5V, GND). You can choose to connect the Wemos D1 mini to RXD or TXD then (doesn’t matter). Basically all labels on the board are irrelevant for an Wemos D1 mini (except: 5V, GND) because it is not compatible.

Then you can start programming the X-Ring

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