X-Ring with Google Calendar

As application for the X-Ring RGB Strip I came up with the following: Querying the next event in my Google Calendar tagged with #wecker and then visualize the remaining time. I have illustrated the structure of all components in the following figure: Google Calendar The Wemos D1 mini queries the next event by accessing my Google Calendar. This is done trough… Read more →

X-Ring missing documentation

I recently bought a X-Ring WS2812B RGB on AliExpress.com. There is no information about the wiring or the bus how the X-Ring is controlled. So I did a little reverse engineering and want to share the information: At first: the X-Ring is driven by a One-Wire connection. There is a switch on the top: The wiring is the following: When… Read more →

Convert timestring to number Google Spreadsheet

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JavaFX Gluon Ignite Guice Inject Controller

I had to inject a whole controller into another controller with the guice implementation of gluon ignite. I will show an approach doing so. This is applicable if you have set the controller id in your fxml. Otherwise this snipped requires slightly modifications. I assume you have ignite already running and injecting stuff already but facing the “inject a controller… Read more →

Bootstrap Shortcodes for WordPress Alternatives

Sometimes there are support request on the WordPress plugin bootstrap shortcodes to provide advanced bootstrap components (e.g. table builder). There are 2 reasons bootstrap shortcodes is not that advanced as you might assume: You can’t edit generated shortcodes – it’s not a visual builder There are some components missing I think it’s sufficient for some people that want to take… Read more →

Secure WordPress with Fail2Ban

Fail2Ban is a neat tool that watches your logfiles and executes actions  defined by you if a filter  matches. In the following I want to explain the basic functionality of fail2ban necessary to integrate with WordPress and we will install Slack notifications:  Basics Jails Jails are like configurations for services you want to monitor. You declare services and specify filters, ports, protocol …… Read more →

Resolved Composer Namespace Issues

I actually resolved the namespace conflicts that came with composer. As described in the other post I prefixed these 3rd party libraries and commit them to my repository (I placed them in lib/vendor/<vendor>/<package> ). I also use an PSR-4 autoloader ( from fig-standards ) to load these libs (make sure you prefix the class name at least or put it in your namespace):… Read more →

WordPress + Composer = ?

Using composer to install 3rd party libraries for your WordPress plugin feels like state of the art in comparison to other php projects. To get there you set your minimum required php version up to 5.3, introduced namespaces and introduced composer. You spend hours tuning your plugin and made use of well known libraries like pimple, twig and an orm… Read more →

VNC Server / VNC Viewer

Als Alternative zu RDP unter Windows bietet sich das VNC Protokoll an, das unter Linux weit verbreitet ist. Dieses bietet erheblich mehr Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten gegenüber RDP, die jedoch nicht zwangsläufig anfasst werden müssen. Gute Erfahrung habe ich mit der Software Real VNC gemacht – diese hat VNC Server für Windows, Mac, Linux und zusätzlich VNC Viewer für die genannten und weiterhin Android, iOS… Read more →