WP Mail Logging Ownership

The ownership of the WordPress Plugin WP Mail Logging has been transferred to MailPoet. Their plans are to keep the plugin alive and maintain it.


I started developing the plugin in 2013 because I had to make sure which mails were sent to whom and when. It just had to be visible to employees through the admin interface of WordPress.

With 70.000+ active installations the plugin became a major player in the field of logging WordPress emails. Some people even wished such a feature would be added to the core of WordPress. I don’t agree with them because the major feature of WordPress is its flexible plugin system.

I have summarized the most important features chronologically.


  • 1.9.1 June 19, 2019

    Transferred ownership to MailPoet

  • 1.9.1 April 18, 2019

    latest and last version of me

  • 1.8.5 September 13, 2018

    New: added privacy integration (erasure, export, policy content suggestion)

  • 1.8.0 February 15, 2017

    New: Error status from mail implementation is logged New: Resend mail New: Added translation files

  • 1.7.0 November 6, 2016

    New: logging host IP

  • 1.6.0 July 31, 2016

    New: Improved modal, added view types

  • 1.5.0 June 4, 2015

    New: Setting for date time format

  • 1.4.0 December 22, 2014

    New: Log Rotation New: Search

  • 1.3.1 September 12, 2014

    Fix: angle brackets notation support (e.g. John Doe john.doe@example.org).

  • 1.3 August 24, 2014

    New: clean mail listing including: New: Modal window for mail details. New: Attachment support with appropriate icon for mime type.

  • 1.0 June 13, 2014

    Initial Revision


Maintaining a free WordPress plugin with a decent userbase is a time consuming job. Not everyone recognizes your non-profit work and the benefit of a plugin for their own operations or even their business. Thanks to everyone who rated the plugin and contributed in some way. I will focus on other projects and maybe come up with another plugin.

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  4 comments for “WP Mail Logging Ownership

  1. 18th November 2019 at 19:47


    You deserve it, the plugin is well codef and you can see it was done by a true professional.

    Good luck with your projects.

    • No3x
      20th November 2019 at 13:27

      Thank you very much! Also for reporting security issues in 2017! I put a lot of effort into protection against XSS since then.
      Good luck with Post SMTP Mailer.

  2. 19th February 2020 at 18:32

    Thanks Christian for this great plugin!

    I really enjoy using it in my agency’s websites, I feel safer when it is installed ?

    Now I hope that MailPoet will maintain it as a separate plugin and not just cannibalize it…


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