Secure WordPress with Fail2Ban

Fail2Ban is a neat tool that watches your logfiles and executes actions  defined by you if a filter  matches. In the following I want to explain the basic functionality of fail2ban necessary to integrate with WordPress and we will install Slack notifications:  Basics Jails Jails are like configurations for services you want to monitor. You declare services and specify filters, ports, protocol …… Read more →

Study Helpers

If you are a student you might be interested in the following helpers that make your day easier. Time Google Calendar My fellow students an I use the google calendar to organize our modules. At the moment we do have all the same modules and so it is easy to organize us. We use a shared calendar:   Each student… Read more →

Private Communication

Letters sealed with sealing wax are rare today – the keynote is quite good though. But also the ordinary letter has, since the rise of the Internet, lost its predominance for written communication. What we use today are mails, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook.. And the vast amount of them are sending without “envelope” never mind seals. Like a modern form of… Read more →

Online IDE

All online IDE don’t fulfill my requirements of a IDE where I can – checkout git repositories – merge branches with visual support – no git editor integration – no paste in terminal – no git editor integration – no git editor integration – login via github was broken – no registration email received to… Read more →

Neuer Host + Domain

Soeben habe ich meine Dokumente zusammengepackt und bin auf einen neuen Server gezogen. Außerdem bin ich von jetzt an unter zu erreichen. Die Ursache für diesen Schritt ist, dass WordPress auf meinem kilu Webspace mehr Speicher voraussetzte als zur Verfügung stand. Außerdem sieht eine de Domain einfach seriöser aus. Read more →