This site is my little conclusion of topics I have read. It is my interpretation of the contents of the topic (although the author of the topic did not mean to see it this way it is relevant to my context/common sense).

Software- / Hardware-Development

Inherit from Framework Base Class

If you inherit from a frameworks base class (in your business code) you get married with the framework without any commitment on your part. It marries you, you don’t marry it. If you derive from a framework you are bound to that framework. – Make the framework a plugin.
Source: 23.06.2014 Robert C. Martin: Clean Architecture and Design (

Performance comes from Software

Since we workaround the power/memory../wall by putting more and more cores on a single piece of silicon we have a new contract between software and hardware. Performance comes from Software. Performance does not come from Hardware.
Source: 23.02.2014 Introduction to OpenMP: 02 part 1 Module 1 by Tim Mattson (Intel) (

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