Don’t Stick to hta Applications

If you have the burden to work on hta applications you might get into conflict with incompatibilities. So am I. I wanted to migrate a hta application from 2012 with bootsrap 2 to bootstrap 3. Bootstrap 3 doesn’t support IE 7 any more and also the fix with Respond.js doesn’t work in local files.

So what now? I found node webkit which let you build your application and create a standalone executable at the end. There are some neat slides that help you to get an idea.

note webkit overview

This slide is from the – node-webkit: app runtime based on Chromium and node.js as teaser.


The executable is actually a chromium browser with you app integrated. This is really nice since this totally replaces your hta application. You ship you application with all dependencies in one browser. You also ship just only one browser and don’t have to support IE7-IE11. On the top of this you also get node.js support which enables your application so much more potential.

So don’t stick to hta applications any more!

The mentioned pages are a good point to start from.

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